About <Vianca>

We are <Vianca>, a membership delivery service that produces original flower and greenery art and delivers it to your home. Flowers and greenery, such as wild flowers and garden flowers, have their own beauty, and <Vianca> chooses the freshest flowers. We choose the most beautiful time to deliver the distilled vitality of flowers and greenery that fill the markets to as many people as possible-we started our business with this desire. Until the moment they wither and fall, spend your days feeling the beauty and vitality of fresh flowers that live as long as possible.

Completely original creation for your residence.

The flower and greenery art to be delivered is completely original art created according to the spaces being decorated by our members. Upon receiving a member's application, the concierge, who is also a <Vianca> artist, looks at the space to be decorated. Every week, we deliver art created exclusively for that space. Enjoy a comfortable and sensitive life in a space that flowers and greenery vividly color.

Coordination of flowers, greenery and vases.

Just like the shoes on your feet determine a fashionable finish, Vianca believes that the key to utilizing flowers and greenery art is in the vase. Therefore, we are particular about the vase, and we will deliver in a different vase every week. Enjoy the beauty of flowers, greenery and vases.

Just in time procurement

<Vianca> dares to avoid the form of a flower shop and conducts a service business specialized in delivery. This is because we want you to enjoy the most beautiful moments by carefully selecting and purchasing flowers and greenery just for members right before delivery. From the various flower markets, we choose the flowers and greenery that are perfect for you at that time, so you can enjoy the freshest art created just for you.

Before you enjoy <Vianca>

【1】Please contact us.

If you are already a member, our flower concierge will arrange a time to visit your home. At that time, we will consult and advise you on the available plans including the following.

・Where you want to decorate, Your flower and greenery preferences, Whether or not you have any plant allergies.
・Requests for arrangements tailored to the season as well as any family celebrations you may have on a specific week.
・Location for delivery when absent.

【2】Plan & course decision

Once you have decided on a plan, please pay the enrollment fee and 3 months plan fee (or the plan fee for 1 month * payment for 1-month x 3 times) by cash or bank transfer.

【3】Service Commencement

Delivery will start after approximately one week of preparation once deciding the plan and payment confirmation.
* We will contact you in advance notifying you when delivery will commence.


As of February 1, 2020, the service areas in Yokohama City are: Tsuzuki Ward, Kohoku Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Minami Ward and Isogo Ward. For other areas nearby, please contact us. We will consider your request. For those outside our delivery area, please be patient, the service area will be expanded gradually.