As of February 1, 2020, Yokohama City’s Tsuzuki Ward, Kohoku Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Minami Ward and Isogo Ward. For those outside our delivery area please feel free to contact us.
We understand that there are various flower arrangement services, but the major differences are:
●You will enjoy original art created especially for the interior and atmosphere of the space to be decorated.
●You will enjoy art integrating the flowers and greenery with the vase.
●You will enjoy different art every week.

The above are the main features of Vianca. Please enjoy art that the artist has created with great care exclusively for your residence. If your family member has a birthday next week, make it a celebratory week with a special arrangement.
"Plan Grace" is intended for large art that makes an expansive space feel even more spacious, while "Precious Plan" is intended for art that shines in the living room, etc. It differs in size, as well as the types of flowers and greenery used. Plan Grace also allows for specific requests for the day and time of delivery. In addition, we’ll photograph your weekly arrangement and in three months will print and send you a postcard.
Artists select fresh flowers and greenery at the nearest flower market on the day of your weekly arrangement delivery. We create art while considering the space each member will decorate. Please enjoy your varying colors and seasonal flowers that change throughout the year.
With Vianca’s dedicated artists at the core, we also collaborate with flower shop artists. (Please see this page for details) Basically, the same artist will be in charge for three months, after that another artist will be in charge of the next three months. That way you will always enjoy fresh art. In the future, we plan to increase the number of partner artists.
A Vianca staff member with a deep knowledge of flowers. After becoming a member, your concierge will visit your home and explore the room you wish to decorate as well as the atmosphere. We will then listen to your likes and preferences and use this information to make art designed specifically for you.
Vases and flower stands are loaned until the next delivery arrives. We will collect it at the following delivery day, so please enjoy it for a week along with your arrangement.
The first visit to new members is usually scheduled on Thursdays. Please let us know your preferred time. If you wish to schedule a day other than Thursday, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to adjust the schedule.
We’re sorry, but there is no “trial plan” available at the moment. Please apply for a three monts plan. However, on occasion we carry out a “one week (one delivery) free trial campaign”. If you would like to receive the next campaign information or make a reservation for the next campaign, please use this form.
We would like you to continue for the full three months if possible. However, if an unavoidable situation should occur, such as relocation or overseas assignment, we will cancel the contract. In this case, we will make a refund according to the membership agreement. If you want to know more details, please request the "Membership Agreement". We will send it either by mail or email.
Payment is made either in one lump sum for the 3 months or in 3 installments of 1 month each. Payment method is bank transfer or cash.
All deliveries are made by Vianca staff and we will place it in the designated space. Also, we would like to take a photograph if you allow us to do so.
Your fresh flowers and greenery art will be delivered every Thursday. If you would prefer a day other than Thursday, please contact us. We will try our utmost to accommodate your request. "Plan Grace" allows you to select your preferred day and time for delivery.
During the first meeting with your Flower and Greenery Concierge, please specify the delivery location should you be absent. We will place your arrangement in the designated place, such as the entrance or the garden.